Boost your Bedroom

Boost your Bedroom

The bedroom is usually the last room in the house that people look to redecorate, but as the new interior design trends for 2020 rollout, we encourage you to think about all the amazing ways a newly refurbished bedroom can improve your day to day.

You might think it’s selfish to redecorate your own bedroom before the rest of your home, but you spend at least a third of your day in your there so it should bring you relaxation, comfort, and joy. The first thing to look for is a new mattress, because it’s likely that it’s been more than the recommended 7 years since you’ve last swapped it out. A new mattress will make a world of difference, and with today’s technology, you could not only be waking up feeling more rested, but waking up a few millimeters taller. 

Confused? Come into our Monterey furniture store to test drive one of our Magniflex mattresses that is designed to stretch your spine while you sleep, insuring you won’t only feel rested, you’ll feel like a new person!

If this technology seems a little too advanced for your liking, don’t worry! We have many other models for you to test out in our furniture gallery. Feel free to stop by or give us a call to learn more about 

Jasper Bed by Universal

Part of an incredibly chic and sophisticated collection, the Jasper Bed combines modern forms with mixed materials to create an elegant, yet bold frame. The angle of the headboard is not only contemporary, but functions as a great back support for anyone who likes to end their day with a book or begin their day with a newspaper. The crisp leather upholstery looks clean and sharp while the natural fabric softens the piece to create an interesting and inviting bed frame. You can push this bed up against a crisp white or off-white wall, go bold with a colorful and intricate wallpaper, or create a moody vibe with a rich blue or green painted accent wall. 

This piece is equally as versatile when it comes to case goods, like your nightstands and dressers. We recommend first looking at the rest of the Nina Magon Collection by Universal, which offers many items that differ in finishes and lines but compliment the Jasper Bed exceptionally well. 

Nina Magon Nightstand by Universal

The Nina Magon Nightstand by Universal reflects a lot of the curves and angles of the Jasper Bed. It gives off a little more of a mid century modern vibe with the hardware and shallowness of the drawers and shelves, but the materials match the bed perfectly with the leather shelving tops and fabric wrapped frame. 

Degas Dresser by Universal

The Degas Dresser by Universal does not match the Jasper bed in materials or curves, but the overall simplicity of the piece, natural wood and sand lacquered drawers contrast with the bed frame without competing. It’s luxurious and sleek while providing ample storage space for your bedroom, allowing you to utilize both the form and function of the piece which is rare for such a beautiful dresser.

Harlow Canopy Bed by Universal

Onto bedroom option number two, the Harlow Canopy Bed is a contemporary and elegant poster bed frame, finished in a luxurious brushed brass and grey velvet headboard. Though poster beds are usually associated with whimsical, feminine interiors, this Harlow Canopy bed has a more masculine weight to it, making it perfect for any contemporary home that employs a darker color palette. 

The simple construction and clean lines create the perfect frame for any minimalist, while the metallic brass finish and velvet headboard takes it up a notch for the people who want a little bit of understated luxury. Though minimal furniture tends to be very easy to pair, the Harlow Canopy Bed is such a statement piece it may be more of a challenge. Fortunately for you, Mum’s Place has many talented interior designers to help and many options available from Universal!

Bancroft Nightstand by Universal

The Bancroft Nightstand is the perfect supplement to the Harlow Canopy bed because it utilizes the same brushed brass finish and sleek forms but introduces a few other contemporary materials. The mahogany finished wood on the front panel of the nightstand drawer brings warmth to this contemporary collection while the inset glass top lightens the piece. Because the Harlow Canopy Bed and Bancroft Nightstand would pop against some dark grey paint or rich green walls, the glass and metal of these two pieces help bounce light around the room to make the space a bit more inviting. 

Affinity Bed Frame by Hooker

The Affinity Collection by Hooker Furniture is a great coastal collection that offers furniture for almost every room in your home. The Affinity Upholstered bed frame is one of our favorite modern coastal bedroom pieces because it combines natural materials with simple rounded forms and sleek lines. The sand blasted antique finished quartered white oak and white linen upholstered bed frame brings some texture to the collection, adding interest while maintaining the simplicity you would expect from a coastal bedroom collection.

Affinity Entertainment Console by Hooker 

The Affinity Entertainment Console, while expected in a living room, would work perfectly in your bedroom as a tv stand or or vanity. The wood finish on this console picks up the soft natural colors and wood grain of the bed frame while the geometric shapes on the front drawers of the console add more versatility to the space. 

Affinity Bachelor's Chest by Hooker

There isn’t a piece in this collection that wouldn’t look beautiful in any casual coastal California home, and the Affinity Bachelor’s Chest is one of our all time favorites because it combines the sleek modern lines with natural textured materials. This piece reflects all the same materials and forms as the Affinity Bed Frame, making it easy to combine pieces and tie the space together. 

There’s More to See at Mum’s Place

Haven’t quite found what you’re looking for? Keep your eye out for more bed room options on our blog and check out what we have to offer in our Monterey Furniture Store. 

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