Dining Room Trends for 2019

Dining Room Trends for 2019


New year, New furniture

Perhaps one of the most important rooms in the house, the dining room is where we spend a majority of our time with other people. Enjoying good food with great company creates lasting memories, and we want our furniture to reflect those sentiments. Finding the right chairs, tables, china hutches and buffet tables is essential to provide both a welcoming environment and logical storage solutions. With the New Year quickly approaching, we want to be ready to start the year off right with the newest dining room furniture trends of 2019. 

Accent Colors

2019 is all about being unapologetically bold so stay away from conservative, traditional furniture and step your of your comfort zone with brightly colored accents. A clean, wooden, understated table with bright blue upholstered Parsons chairs will make your living room pop. Add a funky patterned rug or curtains that have the same color blue to tie the room together. Finish it off with hand painted dinnerware and a bright, understated chandelier or pendant lighting. Ring in the new year with a bright, fresh, new dining room!

Here’s a tip with accent colors, pick one to stand out, and a few others to compliment it. Choose natural materials or neutral colors for the rest of your furniture. It’s easy to go overboard and end up with a rainbow mess so don’t make your colors compete.

Alternative Lighting

Traditional lighting is out for 2019, so try a more alternative style. Crystal chandeliers are always a safe bet but bare Edison bulbs can be surprisingly elegant and provide plenty of light. Or look for chandeliers or lamp shades that are made out of unusual materials like capiz shells or recycled/refurbished materials.

Rustic Furniture

Repurposed furniture is trending right now because there is a huge increase in environmental awareness. Hop on the bandwagon by looking for a dining table made from an rustic farmhouse door. It will be a completely unique piece and you will be doing a great thing for the environment by keeping materials out of the landfills! Pair it with some re-upholstered chairs and a bench for an authentic and cozy farmhouse feel.

Copper is the New Rose Gold

Copper is so 2019. The pinkish hue-d metal is taking over the rose-gold craze that as been going on far too long. Use it as an accent in lighting features, like a pendant lamp of chandelier. Detail your upholstered chair with a copper nailhead trim get bold with a quirky bar cart.

No More Matching

Dining sets have been on the downward trend for a while because they seem too prefabricated. To avoid that staged look, aim to purchase pieces from different collections or different manufacturers all together. Even mixing and matching pieces from different eras can make your dining room look timeless. An ornate, carved, wooden table can contrast sleek contemporary chairs for an effortless look.

Here’s a tip when mixing and matching. Choose pieces that are made out of similar materials, or have a similar color scheme. If your table is a dark mahogany carved piece, opt for contemporary chairs that are made out of a dark metal with a wooden seat, or a grey upholstered chair with legs in the same wood finish as the table. If you go with color scheme, pick a table and chairs that have neutral, warm, or cold hues. Pick one characteristic that is apparent in both!

Add Mirrors

Mirrors have always been a design staple, but in 2019, we’ll be taking this to the next level. Mirrored china hutches and sideboards will make your dining room look glam and it will give the illusion that it is bigger than it is! If you suffer from a poorly lit space, the mirrors will also help bounce light around the dining room, making it a brighter, more energetic space.