Fall in Love with Canadel

Fall in Love with Canadel

If you’ve been to Mum’s Place, you know how much we love our Canadel products. If you’re lucky, you might have even seen our very own Mugo Tersakyan turn a chair upside-down and stand on the spindles to show the amazing craftsmanship and durability of their dining room chairs. We don’t just love Canadel because of its high-quality construction, we’re also obsessed with their incredible collections that range in style to fit every home design.

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Today, we’re going to go through each Canadel collection to show you that constructing the perfect dining room is at your fingertips!

A North American Treasure

For over 30 years, Canadel has been an industry leader for dining room furniture, but that doesn’t mean their beautiful pieces are meant to stay in the dining room. Canadel’s beautiful kitchen hutches would look great in an entryway, and many of the upholstered side chairs would make amazing accents. The versatility doesn’t stop there! Canadel recently came out with a living room collection that includes coffee tables, ottomans and media consoles so you can fill almost every room in your home with beautifully constructed Canadel furniture.

Every product that comes out of Canadel is handmade, so you know that there has been an incredible attention given to every detail from the wood finish to the seams in the fabric upholstery.

The Canadel Collection

The Canadel Collection is the flagship collection for Canadel that ranges from classic to contemporary to farmhouse chic. The great thing about this collection is that you can essentially just change the finish on each of these pieces to totally change the look. Add a rustic finish and antiquing to an elegant table to turn it farmhouse chic, or choose a glossy rich brown finish and simple fabric upholstery to make a rustic chair sophisticated. Check out our favorite pieces from this collection below!

Canadel Core Dining Chair

This dining chair is a classic… and it can really fit many different styles based on the finish and choice of seat upholstery. The spindles of this chair are reminiscent of  a traditional style, while the simplicity of the curves of the legs makes the piece transitional. The unique design feature of this Canadel Core Chair that makes it so popular with our customers is the winged crest (a popular feature amongst our clients). These pointed edges on the top of the chair makes an otherwise simple chair just a little bit edgy. Test it out with more traditional finishes and upholstery for a sophisticated look, or dark darker colors and simple fabric for your contemporary home.

The Champlain Collection

One of our most popular collections, the Champlain Collection is a balanced mix of rustic charm and refined elegance. Perfect for any country home, this collection combines sophisticated forms with antiqued finishes to create a casual yet polished look. Decorative carvings and elegant details elevate this collection, but unlike the Canadel collection, Champlain is only for those who want to introduce some country charm to their California home.

Harvest Table

The epitome of country chic, the Champlain Dining Table by Canadel is one of our most popular tables. Often finished in an antiqued walnut finish, this table also looks great with a white washed base, and creates the look of a southern high class lifestyle.

Downtown Collection

This collection never goes out of style. Sitting somewhere between modern and contemporary, there are several nods to classic modern design while subtle changes in materials make these pieces classics. Formed with subtle curves and angular lines, the Downtown Collection has countless sophisticated and classic pieces for any modern home.

Round Downtown Table

If you want a dining table that screams mid-century modern, the Round Downtown Table is perfect for you. Depending on your mid-century plan, you can pair a round glass top with a dark, black-finished base for a slightly more contemporary look, or go classic brown walnut for a pure mid-century vibe.

Eastside Collection

The Eastside Collection by Canadel is a great mix of materials and forms to create a versatile collection that will fit any style. Modern forms make this collection timeless, while the organic wood and rustic finish brings warmth to the group. The heavy metal details anchor each piece in your space, making it perfect for any minimalist home, while a few extra metal details and curved wooden features combine to make a bold rustic vibe for an extra cool modern cabin or farmhouse.

Eastside Upholstered Chair

One of the edgier upholstered side chairs available to you through Canadel, this Eastside Upholstered Side Chair is built with angular forms and flaunts a sleek profile. Despite these seemingly sharp edges, your choice of upholstery can soften the look. Opt for a textured fabric to create a more inviting seat, or go contemporary with a smooth, colder hued upholstery.

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The handy “Udesign” program is an incredible tool to help you design your own tables, chairs, and other dining and living room accessories, but if you don’t know if you can tackle this task on your own, look no further than Mum’s Place! Our talented interior designers will help get your Canadel dining room from concept to reality, and our delivery staff will deliver and assemble all of your beautiful new pieces!

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