The accessories are what transform a space from a room or house to a home that is welcoming, warm and memorable. We specialize in helping your bring your personality and taste with different accessories. We travel the world to find unique items and fresh ideas. Every detail counts, and that’s where we can help you effortlessly select those personal touches for each room in your home.



Your space isn’t fully furnished until the right light fixtures are in place. Good lighting can make a huge difference, whether you choose table or floor lamps or another kind of lighting. We can help you match your style to your lighting needs. Mum’s Place has a large selection of options for overhead lighting, task lighting, and lamps for any room of your home.



A well-placed mirror can add a personal touch as well as the illusion of extra space to any room. Mirrors can help illuminate dark areas and make a small room seem large. We have a variety of beautiful selection of different styles and shapes to suit your needs and tastes.


Area Rugs

Hard floors such as wood, tile, and stone look beautiful, but they are often cold in the winter months, and they can be noisy year-round. Area rugs help to create a hybrid look. Our selection of rugs will feel great on your feet, look beautiful and stylish, and will help to quiet sounds in your home. We can help you pick the perfect pattern, colors, materials, and size to work for different spaces and rooms in your home.